ReInstate Those Teachers NOW! Deport The Rabble!

How low can British schools sink in terms of grovelling to backward bigots whose conduct confirms, beyond a shadow of a doubt…



…that their presence in a civilised country is no longer required?

That’s the question that must occur to every decent Brit on reading that ‘three teachers are now being formally investigated’ and ‘have been suspended amid a row where a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad was shown to pupils at a school… ‘

This is outrageous!

Those teachers, who have to have their names kept out of rhe media lest filthy savages try to kill them, deserve commendation for trying to lift their pupils out of the Dark Age their elders champion.

Those elders would feel much more at home in some ghastly sectarian swamp like Pakistan..

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…and any of them who cause,or even threaten, trouble should be deported.

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Britain has a fairly long and profoundly glorious history, not least as a free country, despite the noisome inroads of cancel-culture intolerance in recent years.

Benighted ‘blasphemy’ laws were rightly dumped in the trash-can years ago.

If some people don’t like freedom, there’s nothing to stop them leaving. The air would be more pleasant to breathe if they left.

Here’s the petition urging reinstatement of the teachers.

But no matter the outcome in this case,  the UK seems to have a deeper wound to cauterise and sew up.

What about Dr Alyaa Ebbiary, a ‘researcher in Islamic studies at the SOAS University of London,’ who is quoted as follows –

From the majority Muslim community perspective it’s safe to say that showing images of the Prophet Mohammed would not be considered a ‘right’, but at best disrespectful, and at worst a provocation,” she told the PA news agency

Well, no doubt some may see it as a ‘provocation.’

If so, they can write to their local newspaper to prevent a contrary view.

What they may not do is engage in theeatening hate-speech or glorification of evil…

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…as we heard here where I livei.

If any ‘community’ in the UK thinks their ‘perspective’ outweighs everyone else’s right to express opinions of religious figures…

… then that ‘majority’ should either fast adapt to life in a democracy or, as noted, find somewhere they may be less at risk of ‘provocation.’

If any of them respond to ‘provocation’ as did that depraved Chechen ‘asylum’ cur in Paris…

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… put ’em up against a wall.