As Ulster Flares, Blame Bojo, Not Brexit!

While I often disagree with the writers on, I keep reading their stuff because they challenge the rotten condescending elites…

….who are ruining – have ruined – Britain.

No better example can I adduce to support my case than this –

The author mentions somewhere that he is in favour of a ‘United Ireland’  – which is anathema to me. ..



But he blows apart the lying nonsense we keep hearing from Remainiacs – who are usually ill-disposed to Ulster”s right to self-determination from way back –


  • and offers a telling reminder that the whole kingdom was given a vote on the EUSSR, not on a piece-meal basis but as one realm!

  • What in God’s Name entitled Jellyfish Johnson…



…to surrender the best and bravest of the British, the Ulsterfolk, as a bargaining chip…


…to keep the bad neighbout Eire happy?

Fight on, Ulster!

Your cause is just!

May be an image of 3 people and text that says 'Here is the Justice Minister who refused to remove the one on the right from the Policing Board after he glorified a Prison escape. Next to her is the N.I. Chief Constable who warns young people they will get a criminal record for taking part in disorder, but who takes his orders from the one next to him who was sentenced to Life sentences for bombing the Old Bailey. and some people wonder why the Country is in turmoil'

Never Surrender!