Red Nazi Oz Sow Runs Amok!

Requested to share the video, I am happy to do so!

I hope my Australian readers are suitably appalled at the rabid Antifa warthog!

========from Rebel News’ Avi=============


Yesterday I travelled to Melbourne’s CBD to cover a story on war veterans refusing to give up on marching this Anzac Day.

Veterans who want to march must register, and the government has capped the march to a maximum of 5,000 participants.

Meanwhile, across from the march, 75,000 people will be packed in the MCG for a football game.

I was in the middle of getting reactions from the public when a radical leftist interrupted.

WATCH what happened next.

This is how you deal with vile 'anti-fascists' who ABUSE our war heroes

It’s crazy how these self-proclaimed ‘anti-fascists’ are indeed fascists themselves.

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