Virgina/Montreal – BBC Double Standards On Display!

While most of us support cops when they have to get tough with offenders…… looks to me, on the face of it, that those two Virginian policemen in the news…


Cops 'threaten to execute' soldier Caron Nazario during traffic stop before pepper-spraying him & smashing his knees - Future Tech Trends

…black US army lieutenant has filed a lawsuit against two police officers who pointed their guns at him and pepper-sprayed his face during a traffic stop…

… were out of order, the harsh way they treated that young army officer yesterday.

UK Pravda gave the story much prominence – anything to serve the Left’s aim of making cops seem mean to blacks.

In this case, those cops seem to have been their own worst enemies and made it easy for the BBC to advance the anti-police campaign…


Virginia governor orders investigation of Caron Nazario police traffic stop | Virginia | The Guardian


What about that other story from North America?

This time the ‘offenders’ were fellow-journalists.

Usually, journos pay particular – and sympathetic – attention if fellow-media people get into any kind of trouble.

Yet the BBC spiked the shocking story from Montreal!


Not a word on UK Pravda about Montreal’s cop-goons manhandling three media men…


Montreal police raid Rebel News site in Montreal and arrest reporters

…in what was very clearly an exercise in intimidation.

Am I the only one to speculate on the possibility that, as far as UK Pravda is concerned, journalists do matter…

. …


..EXCEPT journalists working for NON-Left media?