BBC Gives Platform To ‘Reverend’ Racist Ranter!

This morning, 9am Jakarta time, for no clear reason, UK Pravda summoned up a ranting black man, not the infamous charlatan Sharpton again…

16 Facts About Al Sharpton the Media Won’t Tell You

….but a rather more impressive-looking big brute, described as ‘Reverend’ Hregory Seal Livingston, who gave vent to racist wrath about the young thug shot in Chicago.


Reverend Gregory Seal Livingston Coalition for a New Chicago - YouTube

Honestly, he did look more impressive than this pic suggests!


He actually claimed it was a ‘DNA’ problem – police behaviour inherited from ‘slave-catchers,’ and boomed out gibberish about how ‘white supremacy‘ was ‘a scheme to exploit the Dark Continent!’


It’s hard to believe anyone could spout such delusionary drivel but if ‘BBC World News’ chooses to give such gormless gits a platform…

…is there NO obligation to have sane people on to defend the police and talk sense?