Yeah, Right! UK Pravda Covers For Leftist Coven-Comrade!

The vile left BBC Coven is a constant affront…

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…to those forced to pay for their biased propaganda.

This week we have yet another BBC ‘presenter’ exposed as a leftist – no surprise, for you won’t get a job there if you’re not…

…but the most ludicrous aspect of the report must be how those malevolent curs who run UK Pravda tried to cover for her.

The BBC said in a statement: ‘All BBC news and current affairs journalists must avoid appearing to express personal views. We have discussed the video [of the event] with Samira and she is clear that she was referring to being “haunted” by the number of complaints rather than trying to give a wider commentary.’

Sure we believe that!

Same as we believe they care what decent patriotic British people think.

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But even if her answer had not been so neatly tailored, we know very well that bigot bias goes unpunished.

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