Montreal’s Finest – Jackboot Cop-Thugs Amok Again!

Needless to say, there was not a word on ‘BBC World News’ about the jackboot goons –

aka Montreal Police!

– who went in mob-handed to attack press freedom this week.

As to what happened, I let this extract from Rebel News speak for itself…

...when we refused to let them rifle through our reporters’ rooms without a search warrant, they declared us a crime scene, and wouldn’t let us enter or leave the houseboat. For the next ten hours police tried to find a judge who would give them permission to raid our rooms and search our belongings.

Thankfully, no judge would allow it.

But the police used every minute of those ten hours to brutalize us, including physically assaulting our team — including young women.

See for yourself. Warning: I get very, very angry here.

The most outrageous moment was when police arrested our great reporter David Menzies, and took him to a filthy jail cell. The police commander told us that he’d let David go right away if we just let him search our rooms without a warrant.

Sorry, isn’t that like demanding a ransom?

After ten hours, police realized no judge would give them their illegal warrant. And we didn’t cave in. So without apologizing, the police just left. And set David free.

Police told a left-wing Montreal newspaper that they plan to send us massive fines in the mail.

Obviously we’ll fight those in court, and we’ll fight the trumped-up criminal charges against David, too.

But it’s not enough to play defence.

We have to sue Montreal’s corrupt police. For months they’ve been harassing our journalists — arresting them, handcuffing them and using racist epithets, too. It’s simply got to stop, and it sounds like they won’t stop until a court tells them to stop…


And please note the PS from Rebel News’ Ezra Levant!

P.S. The most disappointing thing about the whole day wasn’t watching Montreal’s corrupt cops violate the law.

The most disappointing thing was watching the Media Party — from CTV to Global to La Presse — cheer on the police brutality. They hate us more than they love freedom.



Ezra should add BBC to that list of rotten media.

Canadian media are notoriously, even viciously, left-liberal, but they must have learned a lot of their lousy style from UK Pravda.



…but once you have read that, ask why BBC is complicit by its silence.