‘Influencers? A Pain In The Butt!

I am familiar with the area in Oz facing exploitation by Netflix, and can sympathise with locals fed up with ‘influencer’ infestation.

IMHO, ‘influencers’ are a worthless phenomenon, best ignored.

So although I have no political axe to grind on this issue, and see no risk of any similar intrusion in my adopted city of Jakarta…



…I am happy to offer the petition below.

To: Byron, Ballina, Lismore, Tweed Shires, NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment, NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and the NSW Waterways Authority

Boycott Byron Baes Netflix Series by Refusing to Grant Filming Permits

No permit = no location filming. No location filming featuring our exploited paradise = no series.

The environment and community of Byron Bay and the larger Northern Rivers region are being used as a filming backdrop for a “docu-soap” titled ‘Byron Baes’