Guilty? Biden Finds His Country Guilty!

Did you hear Biden?

Referring to the career criminal Floyd by his first name, and deploying the idiot slogan ‘systemic racism? ‘


I saw that on the BBC, which also had their reporter in Minneapolis bleating about ‘the realisation that there’s still work to be done.’

What work?

The accused is off to prison, maybe for 40 years.

No doubt much of the street-mob would prefer he be burned at the stake…

…but the trial is over.

It got worse.

Irrelevantly, UK Pravda showed us that ghastly billionaire Winfrey, saying she ‘cried tears of joy.’

Then the charlatan Sharpton, his abominable record as usual concealed by BBC…

16 Facts About Al Sharpton the Media Won’t Tell You

…ranting about the next bit of ‘work’ – the Wright shooting, with UK Pravda’s Lewis Vaughan Jones dressing that incident up in the rotten media’s chosen ‘traffic stop” propaganda mantle.

It’s jarring to note the double standards at work in America.

The Biden regime is covering up the identity of the killer of Ashli Babbitt in Washington…


…and the media are making no effort to find out.

But down in Minneapolis, where violent BLM mobs have been part of the landscape – except today….SO FAR…

....ex-officer Kim Potter has had to flee her home after some malignant swine posted her address on the internet, plainly hoping to turn mob violence towards another person who is innocent till proven guilty.

That is outrageous.

And the more we read about the circumstances of that incident, the more the excuses for the amok-runs fall apart.



The dimwits among the mob hurling air-fresheners are probably too stupid to ascertain the facts, but fortunately not ALL  journos are too lazy or malevolent to clarify the ‘traffic-stop.’


VERDICT: Not True. Wright was pulled over for having expired tags. Yes, an air freshener was also noted during the stop, but it was the tags that caused the traffic stop.

Upon running his records, it was discovered that Wright had skipped out on a court date concerning a weapons charge which led to officers attempting to arrest him.



Now it’s VP Harris, yes, her, who. has expressed admiration for somebody facing a warrant for serious sexual assault.


kamala blake from

Kamala Harris Told Jacob Blake She Was ‘Proud’ of Him, Lawyer Says – Yahoo News

…whom today some BBC moron just called America’s ‘first black Vice-President.’

She ain’t much blacker than me after a day’s sun-bathing.

Every cop in Minneapolis will now be at best uneasy, at worst near-paralysed with anxiety, whenever some lout needs to be dealt with.


Hell, I have more pressing issues to attend to right now.

The cats want more fish.