Shaming The Jellyfish! Bravo, Mr. Mercer!

Good to read of Johnny Mercer MP’s principled departure from his ministerial position –  though did he jump or was he pushed?

There seems some doubt about that, but knowing what a slimy appeaser Jellyfish Johnson is, on things like crimmigration…

You Want To Amnesty Illegal Immigrants? Vote For Boris! 


Bojo Fluffs His Chance To Say ‘All Lives Matter!’ 

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Has Anyone Costed Bojo’s BLM Appeasement Commission?  


Well, the list is so long….

…that I prefer to believe Mr. Mercer!

The issue, new legislation ‘designed to protect veterans from unfounded prosecutions, ‘ sounds great, till you read on…

But British soldiers who served in Northern Ireland will be excluded from the bill.


Mr Mercer called that a “red line” for him staying in government… .

No way should any soldier, or sailor, or police officer, or anyone, get subjected to judicial hounding…



…if the ‘offence’ was committed against members or supporters of the Sinn Fein/IRA treason gang.




Soldier F is the obvious example that springs to mind.

That particular victim of the current Tory policy of kow-towing to scumbags should be immediately freed from all further persecution.

A medal might be no bad thing, given what he’s been through!