So It’s Far-Right To Use Someone’s Middle Name?

London’s mayoral election coming up, and the Guardian’s hacks are happy to act as hit-men for the disastrous leftist Khan, whom we identified early on as an abhorrent albatross…

London Has Fallen – Defender of Evil Declared Mayor! 

… around the capital’s neck.


There’s a tawdry ‘expose’ of how some sensible people, called the Fair Tax Campaign, have published

-‘a series of questions about knife crime and transport against the sound of a heartbeat before concluding:

“Do you want to use your vote to stop Sadiq Khan ruining our city?”’

That is not only a fair question but very, very relevant, given how the mayor is not only hostile to normal decencies…


‘Ladies and Gents’ No More –Sadiq Fatwa Bans Courtesy!

….but has been pandering to undesirables.

More than 1,000 young black men have been removed from a controversial police gangs database – with London Mayor Sadiq Khan saying they shouldn’t have been on the list

Like, how the Hell does he know?

But then the hacks go off on a new  kind of ( presumably ‘woke’) tangent.

Elsewhere it makes use of the Labour mayor’s middle name, calling him “Sadiq Aman Khan” on a mocked-up ballot paper.

Like, what the Hell’s that got to do with anything?

Is it meant to suggest that the FTC is drawing attention to Sadiq Khan’s Asiatic ancestry?

Do the dimwit hacks…



…not think his first and last names achieve that quite adequately, with no need to insert his middle name?

Will we soon see a blanket ban on Brits knowing the full names of ANY candidates..


Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

…for fear that wicked racist and/or xenophobic conclusions might be drawn?

Honestly, the Guardian is more full of sh-t than my cats’ litter tray!