Happy St. George’s Day AND Beware BLM!

It would be a shame to let St. George’s Day go by unremarked…

….though having watched BBC off and on today, England’s Patron Saint seems to have slipped UK Pravda’s collective cultural marxist memory.


BBC likely worships St. Europhilia!


Will St. George’s Day, as a symbol of both patriotism and Christian values, be soon erased from schools in England?

Has that already happened?

I don’t know….

…but I know what makes me think that might be the case.

The recently deleted BLM background page (TMI, apparently) disclosed its goal to “disrupt Western nuclear families”(meaning, Christian/Jewish), challenge “cisgender [heterosexual] privilege” and any male-centered environment while being “queer-affirming” and “intergenerational”— all while marching for Marxism and defunding the police.


Very little has to do with race, which only serves as a convenient bridge to coordinate destructive leftist movements.