UK Pravda’s “Many People?”

That ‘BBC World News’ berk in Washington, David Willis…

BBC’s D.C. Hack Puts In A Biased Good Word For Cornered Cuomo! 

….yes, that hack, was ranting on Thursday, at 5pm Jakarta time, about how, despite Derek Chauvin’s conviction for the murder of the career criminal Floyd…


rooting out systemic racism is another matter.’

Not, please note, ‘ALLEGED systemic racism.’

Willis ignored the views of millions of good, intelligent, knowledgable Americans who dispute the racist BLM/cultural marxist smear.



Willis thereby brazenly displayed the systemic left-bias which makes seeing him or any of the UK Pravda Coven on our screens such a turn-off.

On the same tea-time news bulletin, some other Coven Crud breathlessly informed us of the death of a ‘black’ man in North Carolina.

Had it been a ‘white’ man, would BBC have given it a mention? Such is UK Pravda’s obsessive fixation, on ‘BLM,’ alas.

The man had been trying to escape arrest, so very likely a criminal, like Floyd, Blake and ‘Rayshard…’

BBC Actually MENTIONED The Martyr’s Criminal Record Last Night! 

…,and like that other brute in New York – Eric Gardiner was it? – all of them blights on society and thus heroes to the pro-BLM rotten media.

No loss to the world, any of them – indeed, Blake, the wanted sex offender, of whom Kamala Harris is such a big fan, is still alive.

Trying to turn scumbags into demi-gods is nauseating.



Brazen BBC bigotry is grossly offensive.

But aren’t you also sick and tired of the weaselling?

On Wednesday, that black UK Pravda chick was at it, little Lebo Diseko – ‘Many people think…’ ‘

Sorry, Lebo, many other people UNDOUBTEDLY don’t think whatever partisan, uptight prejudiced piffle you were peddling!

Report fairly, can’t you?

Then her black male colleague the next morning, prattling that –

People in the community tell me..

Sorry, sir, could you do your job and identify which ‘people?’

Or maybe you should get out and about and ask OTHER ‘people in the community‘ – or is there only one unanimous community, or is it only among the noisy, whiny elements in that community from which you take your soundings?

He identified the sort he listens to, those with ‘recurring nightmares‘ of what might occur at ‘traffic stops, ‘  although to be more accurate than UK Pravda likes to be…



…that needs to be more specific, viz. are we discussing traffic stops where the person stopped is not wanted in connection with ‘weapons’ charges and tries to do a runner!

SO tiresome, so shallow, so plainly one-sided.