Hey, UK Pravda! Let’s NOT Talk About Race!

Up and at ’em today, going down to South Jakarta…



…to meet an old friend whose wife has gone to visit rels and who is thus free briefly to leave his home – yeah, married life ain’t always easy! – and catch up over a coffee.


Having responded to the vocal buffet queue that forms daily outside my bed-room window…


Dawn Chorus – disadvantaged minority demanding culinary social justice!


…. I switched channels to see what hogwash UK Pravda was dishing up today.



Yup, sure enough, an ad for the BBC’s forthcoming treat…

‘Let’s Talk About Race. ‘

Do these leftist lice never weary of crawling around a topic of which there’s been more than enough…

Why Does UK Pravda Welcome Race-Obsessed Freakos?

Don’t Gag My Black Voice! Stacy Calls Out BBC’s Mannerless Maitlis!

BBC’s Heroine ( BLM Cop-Killer Fan!) Condemns The Queen! 

BBC’s Embley – ‘There Seems To Be A Lot Of White Privilege In The Response!’ 

…on their tax-funded propaganda channel?

Methinks I shall skip that treat dangled on my tv screen this morning, as I shall similarly skip the Oscars…

Oscars – New ‘Diversity’ Rules Are Discriminatory! 

…which, like so much out of showbiz these days…

Creeps – “Good Acting” Not Enough To Earn Acting Award! 

…will be replete with imbecilic ‘celebs’ braying about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusivity…’

Screen Actors Guild – The Talking Brain-Dead? 


Can It, Cannes-Lefts!

…aka uptight whiners and ranting pinko creeps.