When UK Pravda Uses People”s First Names

I noticed on ‘BBC World News’ this morning, breakfast time in Jakarta, that the tv headline on the report about Biden’s Attorney General…

( thank God the GOP stopped him grabbing a Supreme Court seat! )

… .hounding another city’s police force- Louisville, this time – used the dead black woman’s Christian name, Breonna, rather than her surname.

‘Federal Inquiry Over Breonna’

Interesting contrast with UK Pravda’s reporter mentioned the other day, who dropped even the ‘Mister’ from Derek Chauvin’s name.

UK Pravda’s “Many People?”

As it happens, unlike the anti-social undesirables Floyd, Garner, ‘Rayshard’ and Blake…

BBC Actually MENTIONED The Martyr’s Criminal Record Last Night! 

…poor Breonna seems to have been a genuinely blameless person.

But the question of which names BBC opts to use is interesting.

Such choices do slant any report.

A missing child gets the given name, Jack or Jill, because we all want them found safe and well.

A villain, like Manson or Epstein, gets the surname. We know they are the bad guys.

But the BBC has sickos among (all over?) Its coven of ‘journalists.’

The worst must be Ugly Barnett.


BBC On First-Name Terms With Jihadist Vermin! 

Anyone as evil as Begum does NOT deserve first-name familiarity.

The issue will arise again soon…

….when Ashli’s bereaved family file their law-suit against the US Capitol Police.


Given the cover-up of the identity of the shooter…


…I can only wish the family well.

But will UK Pravda – if their leftist control-freaks even allow the case to be mentioned – refer to the victim as Ashli?

Say Her Name!