No More Mums And Dads? Melbourne’s Tax-Funded Creeps

We know that there are powerful politicians in Melbourne to whom the concept of a police state seems to have a powerful appeal.


Jaclyn ‘Jackboot’ Symes – Most Totalitarian Vixen In Oz? 

The Victoria state government is notoriously left but cultural marxist sewage is slopping about at lower levels too, namely the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network…



…which has declared war on decent values on behalf of sexually maladjusted brats, ‘urging Victorian schools to stop using gendered terms such as “mum” and “dad” when referring to parents.’

Clearly aimed at normalising deviation, this offensive diktat has been promoted to decrease dropout rates for LGBTQIA+ students.




What needs to be done with these sad creatures is send them for remedial therapy, so they can grow up as normal people, attracted to members of the opposite sex, eventually becoming mums and dads themselves.

I only learned about this thanks to Rebel News, whose Oz reporter Avi Yamini has done such good work on a variety of issues…

Oz Cops Colluding With Un-Australian Reds? 

…and deserves three cheers as one of the handful of honest journalists active in Australia.

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You should watch his video report and see what normal Victorians think about the nonsense.

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STREET TALK: Is cancelling 'mum' and 'dad' in schools really the answer?