Unusually, BBC Brightened My Day!

Not that often that I scan UK Pravda’s news page and find reasons to be cheerful..

More Facts You Won’t Get From BBC


…but today?

How nice to see that uppity alien O’Leary get slapped down!

Ryanair told to compensate passengers over strike cancellations


That most Un-British O’Leary

More Reasons To Eschew Alien Remainer’s Ryanair

Hasil gambar untuk Michael O’Leary, Chief Executive, Ryanair

Let’s Ruin Ryanair – Boycott Europhiliac O’Leary

…has made millions from his Ryanair business, but when a lot of Brits, and innocent passengers of other nationalities, were left in the lurch, what about compensation?



Now, unless the ruling is overturned on appeal, justice will be done!  

But how very much nicer it would be..

Another Obnoxious Alien Billionaire – Treating Brits Badly


…if the Europhiliac millionaire found himself in the poor-house

Fat chance of that – the rich have ways of fencing off their comfortable life-styles…



…when the going gets tough.

But the BBC’s rare cornucopeia of glad tidings does not end with Awful O’Leary’s discomfiture.

It seems that word’s getting out,  not only on Ryanair, but also about a business run by another rabid Remainiac…

Britain will be part of EU again in five years, says Richard Branson

Hasil gambar untuk richard branson brexit

Hypocrisy! Boycott Vacuous Branson’s Virgin Products 

…a boycott of whose commercial empire I earnestly urged.

Branson is still technically British, as far as I know…

Tell Billionaire Beggar Branson To B-gger Off! 

…but showed much greater enthusiasm for the supranational  EUSSR than for his country’s sovereignty

I hope many Brits did boycott the rich ratbags’ airlines for their anti-Brexit antics.

However, those who used the airlines, according to a recent survey by consumer group Which? , found that Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic were rated the worst of the UK’s major airlines for fare refunds.



Both airlines were given a customer “satisfaction score” of just 13% when respondents were asked to rate the customer service they received when applying for a refund from their airline.