An Appeal From A Cop’s Wife!

This was passed along to me and I can see no reason why readers everywhere should not be made aware of what’s happening to this lady’s husband.

Dear Friend,

My head is spinning.
I wish I could sit down with you face to face instead of writing this letter.

That’s a picture of me and my husband, Eric, so you at least know what we look like.


Eric is a Detective with the Kansas City Police Department.
And I’m writing to you today to desperately ask for your help to save my family from being torn apart.

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Let me explain.
It all started in early December – a few weeks before Christmas.
One of Eric’s fellow detectives witnessed two vehicles speeding through the city streets – one was clearly chasing the other, and the police helicopter quickly got involved.  The helicopter was able to locate the suspect in a red pickup truck still speeding down city streets.
The driver, 26-year old Cameron Lamb, was chasing his ex-girlfriend in a stolen truck – weaving across lanes and running through stoplights.
My husband and his partner responded to the call and caught up with Cameron as he was attempting to back the stolen truck into a garage.

Both detectives got out of their police vehicles and approached the stolen truck to investigate the criminal behavior in which Cameron had just been engaged, while repeatedly delivering verbal commands.
That’s when it happened.
As Eric’s partner approached the driver’s side, Cameron raised a handgun, and pointed it directly at the detective.
Fearing for his partner’s life, Eric had only a split-second to react.
He fired four rounds in the direction of the suspect through the truck’s front window – hitting the suspect and stopping the threat.
As the truck rolled backward into the garage, Cameron’s .45 caliber pistol – also stolen – fell out onto the floor below his outstretched hand.
I was so thankful Eric was safe and we were hopeful we could move forward and put this episode behind us.
But then 7 months after Eric confronted this criminal, we learned that the local prosecutor had charged my husband with MANSLAUGHTER and Armed Criminal Action.
My husband saved his partner’s life from a man who was so determined to chase down his ex-girlfriend that he was willing to put his life, her life and the lives of the two kids in the vehicle with her, and the lives of the public all at risk.
It didn’t matter that Cameron recklessly swerved a stolen truck through city streets.
It didn’t matter that he was physically violent toward his ex-girlfriend.
It didn’t matter that he pointed a stolen gun directly at a law enforcement officer.
So for serving our community for over 20 years – and risking his life – my husband is now facing an extended amount of time in prison.
If Eric is convicted he’ll miss our wedding anniversaries, our children’s birthdays, and our home will be left without the father and husband we love.
Even if Eric’s good name is eventually cleared, just thinking about the cost of a proper defense was overwhelming…

… until a few days ago – when we got a call from Jason Johnson, President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF).

If you’ve ever heard of LELDF you know they’re a national group fighting on behalf of wrongly-accused police officers like Eric.


LELDF has helped dozens of innocent cops – and their families – at their lowest moments.

And with the thought of trying to suddenly raise our three children alone – I was at one of the lowest moments of my life.

Not only did the LELDF board decide to help my husband get the legal defense he deserves, they’re also trying to raise money to pay for the best attorneys and expert witnesses.
But as a non-profit organization, they depend solely on generous gifts from folks like you to defend officers like Eric.
I truly believe God is using Jason and the LELDF to answer our prayers.
That’s because my husband and I are not wealthy people. I’m a kindergarten teacher and Eric is a career cop.
So I have to ask you one of the toughest questions I’ve ever asked anyone.
Could you send a contribution of $15, $25, $50, or more to LELDF today to help defend my husband?
With my own job as a teacher facing so much uncertainty right now – I understand that times are tough for so many folks across our country.
And if I had anywhere else to turn, I wouldn’t be so bold as to ask for your help.
But I am so scared for Eric that I have to do whatever I can for him – and for our children.
So if you are at all able, would you consider sending a gift of $15, $25, $50 or more to the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund to help Eric?
Eric and I – and our three kids – can only rely on the good nature and generosity of kind neighbors like you.
So thank you for reading my letter.
And thank you – in advance – on behalf of the families of wrongly-accused police officers being helped by LELDF.


Sarah DeValkenaere

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