El Pais Again – Who’s A Rat, La Pasionaria?

Well, I hope that ratty pro-crimmigrant ranter, Patricia La Pasionaria, as we called her yesterday…

….is correct about one thing.


Her name’s not really La Pasionaria, but Patricia R Blanco, though I suspect she might be untroubled by my gibe – the original La P., Dolores Ibarruri, was another rabid female leftist, Spanish Civil War era…



…an unrepentant Communist Party ratbag.


She says Vox, the Spanish patriot party, ‘has one clear goal: to vilify and expel unaccompanied children and teenagers from Spain…’


Hell, not before time.


They should have been grabbed as soon as they gate-crashed Spain, before they got to guzzle in the tax-trough….


Robbery, Attempted Rape?’ Spain’s ‘Youngster’ Migrant Blight! 

….and booted back to wherever they came from.

PLP attributes the deportation aspiration to ‘Vox candidate Rocío Monasterio’ who must be a dashed fine gal!


Santiago Abascal y Rocío Monasterio arrancarán la campaña del 4-M de Vox en la plaza Roja de Vallecas | España
Rocio, a true Lady of Spain

PLP also seems to have her expensive journo-jerk knickers in a twist because that Podemos extremist leader, Iglesias, has been called a ‘Pony-Tailed Rat. ‘

Big Deal!

As we explained a while ago, naughtily using the R-Word too…

Shooting Peaceful Protest Girls Is BAD, But Those Red Rats In Barcelona…?  

…Podemos is FAR-LEFT!

Even Reuters felt obliged to admit that truth.


And its leader is an abominable person, completely at ease with his followers’ petition to pardon pro-terrorist scum.

Spain’s Red, Red Rapper Deserves All He Gets! 

Let me digress briefly;


You’re least similar to: Pablo Iglesias
Leader of Podemos

That was one outcome, some time ago, of a leftwing newspaper’s political quiz challenge which I undertook!  Guardian Quiz Says I’m ‘Most Similar To Viktor Orban!’ 


So I see no reason NOT to agree with Senora Monasterio’s description of him as a ‘rat.’


In fact, I would say Podemos is a rats’ party.