Raab Abases Himself Before EUSSR Arrogance

Having just this morning drawn attention to the forthright words of Jellyfish Johnson’s Foreign Secretary..

Tortured Woman? Abhor Iran’s Rabid Cur Regime!

… I am now confirmed in my suspiction that no way in the world will Dominic Raab translate bold assertions into effective action.



The Europhiliac EU Observer reports that Raab ‘will give the EU’s ambassador in London full diplomatic status ahead of a ‘G7′ foreign ministers’ meeting this week.’

The Brussels Empire is not, never has been and, pray God, never will be, a sovereign nation.



Its pretensions to that status, the ugly flag and the ‘anthem’ it filched from Beethoven, are offensive to millions…


…so much so, that its German quisling Mama Stasi Merkel had to pass legislation…



…to protect the rag from desecration by dismayed patriots.

And even Raab admits that ‘the EU was “not quite a normal state.”

. Not quite!


Yet after, for some time, maintaining an honourable stance, refusing to accord Kaiserin Ursula’s flunkey in London ambassadorial rank…

…Raab has u-turned spinelessly. HM Government is no longer to be principled but ‘pragmatic,’

Time to “turn the page“, he said, adding preposterously that –

We will treat our EU partners with all of the respect that they rightly deserve.”

If he did so, the flunkey would be told to use the Servant’s Entrance!

All the respect they rightly deserve is zero respect.

They leeched both resources and powers from the UK for decades and even after Brits voted for freedom in 2016, Brussels has earned only contempt…


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Eire’s Act Of War? Limp-Wrist Leo Stamps A Mincing Foot! 

….by its unscrupulous intrusions into part of HM’s realm, aiding and abetting Eire’s meddling in Ulster.

Yet more proof, were it needed, that the Tory Government is totally gutless.