Tortured Woman? Abhor Iran’s Rabid Cur Regime!

Jellyfish Johnson’s sidekick Raab has stated publicly that the vile old brutes who misrule Iran are TORTURING a British woman.


Yet the UK Government continues to collaborate with Biden and Brussels in a deal that legitimises the evil ayatollahs…



..behaving as if anything the backward bigots say can be trusted.

Trump had the right idea.

The monstrous despotism should be accorded leper status.

Sanctions must be intensified.

Better still, as the mangy old swine prepare for more fake elections, genuine candidates disqualified by unelected delusionaries who claim to know God’s Will…


..why not assist patriotic Iranian exiles to establish a government-in-exile, preferably under the shah, who, as protests have indicated, enjoys wide support among the oppressed citizenry?

Iran’s Royalist Resisters – Feared By Bigot Regime, Ignored By West’s Media! 

And even better, facilitate the supply of arms to the resistance.