Pretty Boy Turdo’s Flunkeys Get Sued! Good!

So once again, Justin Turdo’s regime in Ottawa is showing clear signs of a thug mentality…



…with two inadequates holding ministerial office up to no good!

Turdo should fire the pathetic pair, but my guess is that he won’t, because, like his unlamented parent…

…he has little understanding of the difference between right and wrong, or indeed…

…as the photo reminds us, between good and evil.

I will let Ezra Levant explain the background to the trollish twosome’s censorship ploy.

Twitter Lawsuit Donation


I’m suing Catherine McKenna and Steven Guilbeault!


When you go to his Twitter account, you see this [his public profile]. But when I go there, I see this [Steven Guilbeault has blocked you]. Even though he specifically says it’s a government account.

I guess I have to pay for it through my taxes, I just can’t read the news. But just me.

Sorry, if it was his personal account that’s fine, I don’t care. If it was his family account — like a Facebook page where he shares his home movies or of his dogs or whatever — that’s fine.

But I’m talking about his government account. Which means it’s not really his account, is it? It’s ours, it’s for all Canadian taxpayers, really.

And all people he seeks to regulate and censor.

So I have an interest in learning what he plans to do as a minister, but I also have the right to clapback at him online, because, of course, he’s a bit of a bully himself.

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You can read the full lawsuit against Guilbeault and McKenna below, or you can help fund our fight at