Red Fed’s Jaw Flaps On Sofagate!

Although we have discussed ‘Sofagate’ already…

‘Sofagate’ – Kaiserin Ursula Forgets Commoners’ Fate

…it seems other people are still banging on about the storm in a Turkish tea-pot.

Reading EU Observer’s brief report on the unrepentant communist…


..who was inexplicably given a top Brussels Empire job for several years (” EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs”)…


Red Fed with PLO terror chief Arafat

…I was struck by the fact that the Europhiliac website’s reporter made no mention of her infamous visit to the Heart Of Darkness – Iran.

Mogherini, Just Like Julie Bishop, Betrays Iran’s Women! 


While she shakes the hands of these men, she thinks of the nine-year-old girls who are “legally” forced into marriage with the consent of the government?

Mogherini shamed herself and betrayed every single woman languishing under the primitive rule of the evil ayatollahs…




….by donning the scarf of subjugation.

Red Fed’s blaming the “protocol services of the EU” because “they could have avoided this.”

But ‘she blamed Turkey the most.’

As if she’s unaware that Erdolf is an Islamist bigot..


  • erdogan

    The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

…not perhaps as contemptuous of women as the bearded brutes in Tehran…



…but backward enough.

What would Red Fed have done if she had been confronted by Turk boorishness as was poor Kaiserin Ursula?

Mogherini responded: “It is difficult. Probably, I would have asked Michel to join me on the sofa.”

Maybe…but going on her own obeisance to the bigoted ayatollahs, as in the photo above, she would have accepted second-class status, complying with her hosts’ shariah mind-set..

…as dismally as she did before the sexist swine in Iran.