Victory For Marine!

Great news from France, that Marine Le Pen, the patriot party leader…



….who stands an excellent chance of ousting Le Muppet Macron in next year’s presidential election, has been acquitted…



…on the ridiculous charges related to her posting photos of jihadist atrocities online.

She did indeed post the pictures, but, as was obvious from the get-go, NOT to glorify the misdeeds of sectarian vermin…


These pictures, of a filthy sectarian pig at Cikeusik, Indonesia, murdering an innocent Ahmadi…and…below, of the ISIS atrocity committed against a Jordanian pilot…were not among the photos which got Marine arraigned.

However, I have used both in the past and will use them again, because it is VITAL that evil be exposed



…but to refute the absurd comparison, made by some pinko creep in the media, that her National Rally bore some kind of resemblance to Islamist terror gangs.

Good result at last…

…but no charges should ever have been brought.

One less distraction, so she can focus on her presidential campaign.