Another Good USA Petition – Fight Big Business Bullies!

Fighting back against the big-biz Enemy Within is a must.


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International Capitalism


Whether it’s Lloyds Bank in the UK…

Lloyds Bank, Still Funding Secretive Europhiles! 

…or that creepy Canadian company…

Coon Cheese No More? Boycott Every Saputo Product! 

.. that went after Australia’s cherished cheese, or the many Un-American commercial giants, Nike, for example…

Never Buy Nike – It’s An Enemy of Democracy! 

…they must be taught hard lessons.

Here’s how some good Americans are getting organised.


Companies that go “woke” and try to cancel conservatives and promote a political agenda should stop expecting special perks like tax breaks from Washington that they should have NEVER had in the first place.

Taxpayers should call on Congress to cancel taxpayer-funded corporate subsidies, especially to companies that want to play politics and push their agenda.

Sign the “Cancel Woke Corporate Perks” Petition!
Do you agree?

Then, sign the “Cancel Woke Corporate Perks” Petition to tell Congress to end special perks for corporations, especially those that try to cancel conservatives!

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