‘FBI Most Infiltrated! ‘ More Fox BLM BS!

My thanks to a reader who alerted me to the latest episode of ‘FBI Most Wanted,’ but having previously noted how the script-writers are biased as can be, towards criminals..

On FBI Most Wanted, their bold boss had them hounding not just a killer but a group trying to prevent illegals on the US-Canada border.

He ( the bold boss, not the killer!) came out with a definition of ‘racism’ which could have come straight out of the ‘critical race theory’ textbooks.

Patriots = Criminals! Fox TV Brain-Washing Viewers? 

…I offer a brief outline, tinged with my outrage, of last week’s ‘FBI Most Wanted.’

A nasty lout vandalises a cop’s car at dead of night, then, when the cop comes out, there’s a struggle and the cop dies.

The cop had previously shot a black man (NB no capital B as the new racist AP policy dictates) who turned out not to have been carrying a gun –

  – though he HAD reached into his pocket, instead of simply getting into his car as instructed.

A vicious leftist student vixen had ‘doxxed’ the cop’s home address, enabling the vengeful lout to vandalise the car – and in the course of the struggle, to kill the cop!

The ‘student’ is located…

…and expresses satisfaction in her evil work, but is not detained.

On we go, and when our FBI ‘heroes’ get on the trail, it turns out at least three of the team feel sorrier for the lout than for the lout’s victim.

Only one appears to be on the side of the police.

Another of them, a testy little not-very-black bint, actually tells the head of the team –


FBI: Most Wanted

– ‘police have been brutalising my people for 400 years.. :

Clearly the uptight fedette should not be in the FBI.

She must have read and swallowed whole that moronic racist cr-p in the NYT.

Later we learn that her ‘friend’ is a leftist lawyer who joins the lout’s defence team.

We also have a law enforcement spokeswoman, making a Bidenesque address, rubbish about ‘homicides perpetrated against people of colour…’

We have a shyster lawyer, eager to defend the rat on the run…



…the rat soon recording a rant about ‘justice’ and the career criminal George Floyd.


If you get a chance to watch it, up to you.

The plot twists and turns, always downwards.

Obviously, the FBI team are presented as the heroes, and what effect that FBI cop-hater’s drivel –

police have been brutalising my people for 400 years.. :

– if heard by impressionable young people, could have?

One shudders to think.

Most likely it will warp uninformed minds towards BLM evil.

Boycott Fox!