After ANZAC Day, I Spotted THIS!

I would dearly like to be in Australia today! 



But since Red China exported its plague, travelling anywhere ain’t as easy as it used to be.

So here I am, wondering why Australia puts up with nasty individuals like –

Ignore the woke-gunk non-subject ‘the politics of difference.’

Exactly what ‘based in Australia’ means is intriguing, but I leave it to my Australian readers to ascertain.

But unless she has somehow acquired Australian citizenship, one might hope the ghastly grimnasty, who authored this piece of race-obessed…

–   white innocence was still desperately gasping for redemption


Australian war crimes and racist fantasies in Afghanistan

… which was, no doubt gleefully, published by Aljazeera, itself a media cesspool…

Aljazeera Exalts The Marxist Enemy Within! 

‘I AM NOT CHARLIE!’ Leaked Emails Expose AlJazeera’s Intolerant A-Hole!

…will be told by anyone who dislikes disloyalty…

4X LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT AUSTRALIA DECAL Size 50mm by 45 mm gloss laminated

… to go and ‘base” herself in some country where she might feel more at home.