NOW, Jellyfish- Stop Calling Them ‘Friends & Partners

Remember Jellyfish Johnson’s windy rhetoric about ‘the future relationship we hope to enjoy with our friends and partners..’.. 


It rings a bit hollow now!

Having looked earlier this week at a wrteched supranational sticky-beak who has made a career out of pro-crimmigrant whining…

…now we read that Priti Patel faces another obstacle to her promising plans for returning ‘migrants who enter the UK illegally to safe countries…’

The Guardian helpfully specifies  “France and other EU countries,” though we need to be clear – France and other EU countries are indeed safe for illegals..


…but the safety of decent French and other civilised European folk is always at risk..French Blood On Whose Hands? Who Let It Into Lampedusa? ...due to the presence of undesirable aliens!

But let’s stick to the perfidy of those whom Jellyfish knowingly lies about, the so-called ‘partners and friends.’


‘…the Home Office has been unable to persuade any European state to sign up to the scheme.’

Odd isn’t it?

Mama Stasi Merkel’s Germany, whose borders were thrown open to a million unvetted fake-refugees?

If They Were Your Daughters? Merkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

Two More Filthy Migrant Savages

  • …..
  • 00009

Macron’s France, where patriots are jailed…

Free The Gap Three

…for trying to defend French borders against parasitic illegals?

Yet when asked to take back the trash that passed through their territory before gate-crashing Britain?

These are no ‘friends’ to the UK, nor should they be seen as ‘partners! ‘

The Jellyfish needs to eat his words!