Will Washington State Rename Itself – Totempola?

Like most of America’s heroes, Washington is abhorred by Antifa Red Nazis and BLM racists…



… not only for his fundamental role in creating the USA but also, probably, for his famous distaste for lies, which are integral to BLM/Antifa propaganda.

So I wonder if the next cultural marxist target will be the state named for the great man.

I’m moved thus to speculate after reading this report…


… which made me realise how deep the rot in Washington state has set in.

Not only passed by the state legislature but now signed by the Democrat Governor too, all sections of a law have been enacted, to impose racialised teaching in every Washington school…



…indoctrination of every child into the ‘critical race’ conspiracy theory.

What’s left for the Washington Left to do, except erase the offensive name of America’s first and greatest hero…



..perhaps replacing it with an atavistic nod to the Red Indians whose presence on the Pacific coast was marked by their distinctive totem poles?