Why Are So Many Teachers Lousy? Because Good Ones Are Punished!

There’s no way of knowing how many of the pedlars of leftist hogwash…

…aka ‘teachers,’ whom we read about so often, are genuinely committed to class-room indoctrination…

…or simply feel its safer to go with the flow.

Now, however, it’s safe to say that only the most courageous teachere, those who actually believe in educating young minds…



..will dare state even obvious truths that clash with the cultural marxist agenda.

One honest woman reminded her class that, if the career criminal Floyd…


…had simply complied with police instructions and accompanied them downtown…


…he’d be alive as you and I are today.

And guess what happened to the lady teacher who assumed her class could engage in rational thinking….


…and outlined the alternative course of events, which could have unfolded…


…had Floyd been an honest, decent, law-abiding citizen?

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