Chilean Vote Demeans Women And Indians

I have never been to Chile, but have read a lot about it, notably the bad old days of Allende..


Chile Flag Flying

Chile’s Flag

… read ‘Chile’s Marxist Experiment,’ by Robert Moss, to see how awful those days were!

Chile went through a lot, but had settled down as a fairly prosperous, democratic Latin American country, till the red mobs caused mayhem…

Chile’s Church-Burning Red Rabble! 

.. a year or so ago.

Unwisely, the government buckled under pressure and now there’s a ‘constitutional convention’ being chosen, using bizarre rules which demean more than half the population.

According to France24 news today, not only must convention delegates be elected on the basis of a sexist notion defined as  ‘gender parity... ‘

.. but also a specific number of seats are ‘reserved’ for ‘indigenous’ i.e. Indian people!

Any woman with self-respect must surely be affronted.

If she can’t get elected on her merits but has to fall back on ‘affirmative action’ of the sort used to put substandard ‘minority’ students into US universities…

…what kind of candidate must she be?

Same goes for the Indians!

Only Indian candidates lacking powers of persuasion, character and/or an imposing presence –

…that ANY candidate should need, if he or she wants to win a seat…

– require ‘reserved’ places.

I thought Indians wanted to get away from reservation status.

Very sad.

How they demean Chilean women is somewhat reminiscent of those moronic Nottinghamshire cops!   

But sadder still France24’s weird report, 3.30pm Jakarta time

…which focused on one candidate only, a transfreak man mincing about like a woman.

Why on earth choose a maladjust?

Especially when even the hapless F24 hack, some bint with a tortured Bronx accent, admitted that their chosen candidate – ‘Emilia!?!’ –  lacked much support!

As if any normal voter would vote for a tranny!

In fact, the existing constitution was perfectly adequate, had seen both leftish and rightish governments elected over the past decades… and was only junked due to mob violence.

That’s lesson we hope Colombia’s President Duque will take to heart…



… because his country currently is facing the same kind of communist rabble, street scum intent on overthrow of democracy.