National Book Day? CANCEL Random House Bullies!

I didn’t realise it was National Book Day ( here where I am or around the world?)

But when better to call for a boycott of a major publishing business which has deployed a ‘diversity’ drone…



….against an author who spent near ten years of gard work to complete a book, 750 pages, only to be given a diktat.

The bullying buffoons at Random House had decided it was, guess what..

‘..too white!’

The History Makers is about famous historians, but I wonder what future historians will have to say about this frenzied, censorious age we are living through…



…beset physically by the Chinese Virus and otherwise by the BLM hate plague.

Richard Cohen was told by his publisher to produce new chapters and expand others..

One might think he had included all those he thought deserved to be included, or as many as would make his book a good read.

But not good enough for the BLM fellow-travellers high up in Random House, so they forced him to go scavenging around for less-white ‘historians.’

It seems he found a few, but I do have to wonder if the addition of the notorious agitator W. E. B. Du Bois…


….an American who crowned a career of leftist political agitation by actually taking out membership of the Vermin Party, the CPUSA…



…was the author’s way of poking fun at his intimidatory publishers.

Read Du Bois’ long entry in wikipedia, how he ‘traveled around the world, visiting Russia and China. In both countries he was celebrated. Du Bois later wrote approvingly of the conditions in both countries...

Myopic? Or just dishonest?

Neither characteristic qualifies a man to be a worthwhile historian.

Nor does politically correct interference in a knowledgeable writer’s product say much for Random House.

Even less when, after he complied, they refused to publish the book.

It was to do with the publisher’s sensitivities,” says Cohen…“I was then asked to write more, and have done about another 18,000 words.”


The History Makers is due to be published in the UK by Weidenfeld & Nicolson
The History Makers is due to be published in the UK by Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Now, despite the rewrite, publication of the book in the US has been cancelled, according to sources in New York.

Cancellation, the 21st century’s answer to book-burning…

Don’t buy ANY Random House books.