“Rape Their Daughters?” ‘Activists?’

My activist days included such outrageous activities as heckling a senior Labour politician at one of their May Day rallies…



…and trying politely to hand a Tory Prime Minister a leaflet, as he left a Conservative Party rally, for which latter ‘offence’ I was grabbed roughly by a burly cop…



…and hurled away from the PM.

That didn’t deter me.

Other activism included orating passionately from the back of a lorry, leading marches in various cities for various causes, etc.

Nowadays, though, it seems the meaning of ‘activism’ has been expanded, at least according to the UK Telegraph. 

Activists protesting against Israel’s attacks drove in convoy through Golders Green and Finchley, both areas with large Jewish populations, shouting

F*** the Jews, rape their daughters” through a megaphone.


NOT ‘activists! ‘

Get it right.

Neo-Nazi Hamas fans, please.

NB – the BBC did cover this, but Eades, their ‘World News’ hack, 8am Jakarta time, evidently decided we didn’t need to know exactly how foul the fanatic hollering was.

‘Anti-Semitic shouts’ doesn’t quite fit the bill.