Authoritarian Estonian Spurns Democratic Decision-Making

Just got back from the mini-mart today, 4pm Jakarta time, and lo, Stephen Sackur had the Estonian PM on his Hard Talk show.

Kaja Kallas (crop).jpg

Kaja Kallas, Estonian PM

I don’t know what they had been discussing beforehand, but being employed by the BBC, with its obsession with sexual maladjusts…


…Sackur presumably felt obliged to raise the subject of pervert ‘marriage.’

Estonia till recently was run by a coalition which included the excellent EKRE party…

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…patriots in favour of decent values, and a referendum was planned on homo-weddings.

Sadly, that coalition fell apart, and Mrs. emerged as leader of a left-liberal cabal.

No more talk of democratic consultation.

Noting that EKRE was rising in the polls again, Sackur asked Blondie if she would reconsider her hostility to giving Estonians a chance…

…to make their views known via the ballot box on the redefinition of marriage.

“No,” was her dismissive retort. Such a referendum “would divide our people.”


She sounds just like an echo of Estonia’s old Soviet quislings.

They too held democracy in contempt, because…

…after all, the ruling elite knew best.

C’mon, EKRE!

Power to the People.