Salvini Off 1 Hook, Red Sharks Circle Still

A little bit of justice has been done in Italy, with the ridiculous “kidnap’ charge against Matteo Salvini finally dropped.



Given the facts – that as Interior Minister at the time, the patriot party leader made sure a pack of Sudanese crimmigrants…



…were kept penned up on board the bludger boat that brought the blighters into a Sicilian port…

( unfortunately, they did get unpenned eventually, but even so..)

..for his stand, Salvini deserved a medal rather than prosecution.

However, in Palermo, leftist authorities are refusing to grow up and want to pursue a similar case later this year.

Again, Salvini refused to let 164 wannabe parasites disembark from another crimmigrant cargo vessel…

…operated by a ‘charity’ based in Spain.

He should have had the damn thing sunk and its crew jailed.

Only far-leftists want him prosecuted in Palermo and I tend to share his confidence.

If there was no kidnapping found in Catania, I don’t know why there should be any in Palermo. tm

But there is still an element of concern  and methinks not only in my mind.

How can Salvini stay on in Draghi’s coalition, which is even more discredited after the sickening failure to repel the alien horde…


…that swarmed into Lampedusa last week?

Some people say it’s all part of a grand design, Salvini’s Lega within the government…



….while the lovely Giorgia Meloni keeps her half of the resistance, Fratelli d’Italia, outside.

I have to admit I am more partial to her, not just for her looks but for her forthrightness…

..which is always refreshing.

Meanwhile, I continue to defer criticism of Salvini.

Let’s wait and see!