UK Pravda Hides Truth About ANOTHER Guest

No sooner was Sackur’s show over…

Authoritarian Estonian Spurns Democratic Decision-Making 

…than BBC turned to Mid-East affairs, and one of their hard-faced Coven announced that their next guest, Carl Bildt….



…was invited in his capacity as co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Bildt is also a leftish former Swedish PM, and he talked no more guff, probably less, than most UK Pravda guests…

(actually, I feel a bit sorry for Bildt, married as he is to a freakin’weirdo ‘Mustn’t Upset Crimmigrant Brats, Must We?’ Says Strasbourg Shrill! 

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt.


…but WHY did the Beeb Bint tell us that ECFR was just a ‘pan-European think-tank’ without revealing who funds it?

We know!


Soros-Funded ‘Think-Tank’ Panics At Advance Of Europe’s Patriots! 

The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) – a pro-EU non-profit think tank.

The ECFR was established in 2007 and  relies primarily on “donations” from various organizations – including such purveyors of a globalist agenda as George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.



The BBC Coven has a list of outfits from whom they can safely choose guests, but they really need to come clean on the character of such bodies.

Any organisation leeching off Soros largesse is tainted.