Don’t Just Fire Rogue She-Cop, Deport Her!

As a foreigner here in Indonesia, I have no right to interfere in Indonesian politics.

I can hold and express opinions, but join in any of the frequent demos and marches?

No way.

And quite rightly so.



I love Indonesia but it’s not my country.

So if that female cop who betrayed her duty of impartiality is indeed, as suggested, from Iran…



….then it’s time she was not only fired from the Metropolitan Police but sent back to savour all the delights women enjoy…


…under the bearded bigots who hold power in Iran.

The video shows demonstrators encouraging the officer to ‘jump in’ and join them…

She shakes her head and says ‘I really want to’ and says: ‘If I wasn’t in this uniform’.

Gambar terkait


The report is not unrevealing.

When she says she is originally from Iran, one of the protesters says:

‘You should be joining us, you’re one of our people, come on man.’

‘One of our people?’

What the Hell does that mean?

Was the ‘protestor’ asserting that, as an alien, this collabo cop would be in matching company – aliens – if she ‘joined’ the howling throng?

How many of the mob were aliens, as against how many were British?

Or was it an appeal to some sort of vile sectarianism, as expressed by those ‘activists’ we wrote about this week.

“Rape Their Daughters?” ‘Activists?’

After the demonstrator hugs her and walks away, the officer can then be heard shouting: ‘Free, free Palestine.’h


That final sentence,  if accurately reported, should be grounds for dismissal..

As for deportation, that should apply to any non-UK citizens who step out of line.



That’s why I’m curious about what will transpire when those hate-freak ‘activists’ are brought to trial.