Thank God For Hungary!

Hungary has vetoed a new trade and development deal with 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries countries on grounds it would open the door to migrants.

“All of our proposals have been swept off the table, so we will surely not give our names to this agreement,” Hungarian Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto said of the ‘Post-Cotonou’ deal Thursday.

Hungary vetoes EU aid pact with poor countries


We have good reason to be grateful for this man, and his brave little country, that’s prepared to stand alone against the asses who bray whatever tune Kaiserin Ursula plays…

…asses who only had to trim the migrant sections from the pact to win unanimous approval!

And BTW, how many citizens of those asses’ countries even know their ‘leaders’ have just signed up to another channel by which ‘migrants’ can flow into Europe.

It’s not the first time the Hungarian Foreign Minister’s deserved the thanks of patriots in every land.

Hungary’s Szijjártó Sets The Record Straight On Crimmigrants! 

Péter Szijjártó - Wikipedia

“There is no need for fresh migration waves, especially now,” he added.

But EUOberver gives NO details about the migration impact of this pact – as if they don’t want readers to understand the Hungarian veto.

Fortunately, Reuters is no so shy.

The treaty would allow for some legal migration for African, Caribbean and Pacific citizens to the EU through visas and family reunification, for instance….

So it’s NOT what EUobserver would have us believe.

And it IS what Szijjarto says it is, yet another entry-gate for ‘migrants.’

To call this pact a ‘trade and development’ deal is about as accurate as the lie spread by tax-funded bias channels that the Istanbul Convention is all about ‘domestic violence.’


Oz Bias Channel – ABC Sly Push For Gender-Bender Istanbul Pact 

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So much of the media is as replete with lies as the Biblical Beelzebub.

God Bless Hungary!