Gunfire In Ulster – Terrorists Not Yet Arrested? Answers, Please, PSNI…

Has the BBC covered this story…

…or are they operating another UK Pravda cover-up?

A gang of gunmen were caught on camera openly firing their weapons – yet no arrests have been made.

The incident occurred in Londonderry this weekend, as disloyal republican rats gathered to honour the terrorist Patsy O’Hara.

A prison photo of Patsy O'Hara taken during a six month incarceration period in 1975, which was released only in 2009 … | Fighting irish, Irish history, Irish pride
Convicted of carrying a hand grenade. Suicide by deliberate self-starvation

There will be widespread anger over the failure of the Police Service of Northern Ireland to be on the scene, when they should have known about what was planned.

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Thousands of decent people will share the sentiments expressed by DUP MLA Gary Middleton –

“Over recent weeks we have seen strident police action against people involved in protests across Northern Ireland. None of those incidents involved firearms yet the PSNI has spared no efforts in pursing those involved!


Gary Middleton addresses Assembly recall following street disorder - YouTube

Gary Middleton MLA


“Whilst the PSNI have said they are investigating last night’s incident, many people will be watching to see how rigorously this is pursued.

“There can be absolutely no justification for bringing firearms onto the streets in a blatant terrorist display.

“It is incumbent upon all political representatives in the city to condemn this incident.

“Unfortunately there are some parties and representatives who continue to glorify and celebrate terrorism. That sends out a dangerous signal to those who wish to replicate those tactics today…”…/shots-fired-during-an-event…


We’ve seen Sinn Fein honour IRA scum like Storey.

Distance Double-Standards – Terror ‘Mourners’ Get A Pass? 

While it’s true that O’Hara was involved with the vicious IRSP/INLA treason gangs…

…it’s a fact that Sinn Fein/IRA constitute Ulster’s principal Enemy Within and I wonder what SF have to say about this episode.

Of immediate concern, PSNI must know where people can found for interrogation to advance investigation into this outrage.

They should be swooping, fully-armed, on known terrorist lairs!