Happy Empire Day! 24th May!

I usually, on this date, write something a little nostalgic for the happy days as a kid in Ontario…


…when we celebrated Empire Day.

This year, however, it’s different.

Ungrateful aliens, aided and abetted by scum of British stock, have decided to bully Brits into disowning the magnificent imperial heritage.

The British are told not to honour their forebears’ achievements, to forget how hardy pioneers took and tamed and settled vast wilderness territories…


….and by sheer toil and grit transformed them into the vibrant, dynamic dominions we see today…


Moreover, Britain bestowed the blessings of parliamentary democracy on a united India, created out of hundreds of separate principalities.

It may not have always been a gentle process, in any of the continents where the Union Jack flew proudly, but nor was it ignoble.

So there is NO WAY any Brit should be shamed of our ancestors…

…who built the greatest empire the world has ever seen.


Last month there was a very good article….


… which I recommend to anyone who needs to refresh memories of a glorious heritage.