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    BBC’s Anguished Cry?’ A Biased Bleat!

    Sunny day, a holiday here, the Buddhist Waisak, so I arose in a positive frame of mind, ready for a dynamic day…



    ..until I tuned into UK Pravda, and there was Blabbermouth Crump…

    Ole Blabber-Mouth Can’t Keep His Trap Shut 

    ….quickly followed by Shyster Sharpton….

    16 Facts About Al Sharpton the Media Won’t Tell You

    …but one expects no less from the slugs who run BBC…



    …and whose commitnent to the marxist BLM hate-group is total…

    White Supremacism On Display,’ Says BBC’s Oily To BLM Red? Where? 

    ….despite their charter”s requirement to be impartial.

    The news presenter, that berk Boulos, was soon interviewing some prof…

    Is there not a danger‘ the movement will lose impetus?

    A ‘DANGER?’

    Back to journalism school, Boulos! Use neutral language, not biased Beebtok!

    The word ‘danger’ means something undesirable, harmful, hazardous – yet millions of patriotic Americans, and millions more of us around the world – would be profoundly pleased…

    BBC Covers Up Latest BLM Hate-Gang Outrage! 

    Zeinab Welcomes Red Cop-Killer’s Fan 

    BBC Ignores BLM Brutality, Again! 

    …if the malevolent BLM anti-law enforcement jihad bill…

    NB, the current legislation only scraped through the House of Representatives by 220 – 212 vote!

    …lost ‘impetus!’.

    Boulos could have avoided loaded language, used the objective word ‘possibility,’ or a variety of other terms which would not have shown UK Pravda’s  partisan bias.

    Yet that pales into insignificance, compared to the rabid rant we got from the left-louse Bryant..

    BBC’s Biased Bryant Fawns On Trump-Hater Baldwin! 

    Hasil gambar untuk bbc newsnight nick bryant

    Bigot Bryant

    BBC Bigot Bryant Flaunts His Left Bias, Again! 

    …who showed us the mob shuffling through Minneapolis to commemorate a career criminal.


    Bryant sounded SO plaintive, as he whined that the grunting sloganeers’ “mantra” sounded…

    .’more like an anguished cry! “

    Not to me it didn’t!

    Nor, I’m sure, to the millions of decent people in the USA who detest BLM bleating.

    More like a cacophony of war-cries! !


    But those decent millions were not heard on BBC this morning.


    • Yvonne Carriel 23:19 on May 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The BBC shiuld stop taking public money or at least rhe government should stop helping the BBC take it.



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