Victory To Israel… Folau!

The disgraceful victimisation of Israel Folau by bureaucrats who care more for gaystapo approval than sporting distinction..



…seems to have run its course, with good news in the Aussie media, namely.-

Israel Folau is set to be formally registered by the Queensland Rugby League despite the Gay and lesbian community launching a savage attack over his potential return to the game.

We said last year what we thought about the persecution of this man…

Christians Welcome In Oz Sports -If They’re Silent! 

Thwart GoFundMe Leftists – Support Israel Folau

…by Rugby Australia, his contract terminated for his forthright adherence to traditional Christian beliefs.

But what about the ‘savage attack’ launched by the sexual maladjusts mentioned in that media report?

Obviously many a queer will stamp its little foot and get its frilly rainbow knickers in a twist.

But will there be a boycott?

Will the massed, mincing ranks of Oz-Aberration vow never to attend any game in which Mr. Folau is playing?

Great idea.

Then decent fans can relax and enjoy themselves, among normal people.