BBC’s Bleeding Heart Brat Special!

Children speak of sickness and neglect in US camps.’.

..the BBC has uncovered allegations of cold temperatures, sickness, neglect, lice and filth, through a series of interviews with children and staff


They have uncovered NONE of those unpleasantries, only, as stated, ‘allegations!’

Did you have the misfortune to see UK Pravda’s hard-faced Hilary Anderson at 7.15am Jakarta time, on Empire Day?


One long weepy about illegal alien ‘children,’ most of them NOT children but, as the Anderson woman says, ‘teenage boys,’ therefore well into puberty.

Anderson came across as a woman prepared to swallow any sob story, use any stick to beat America.

There was one guest-geezer, face shadowed, who claimed to have worked in a crimmigrant detention centre.

No name, no evidence shown to us mere viewers that he was who he claimed to be.

Then we saw Horrid Hilary turned away from another crim-brat facility.

Somehow, she got a video showing what she claimed was the interior.

Again, no proof of its veracity.

The BBC bint also said hundreds of those ‘teenage boys’ were in a Texas detention centre.


Should they be unleashed on the local community?

Women and girls in Europe could advise on what happens when ‘unaccompanied minors’ roam free….

Nine Young Women In Denmark

Poor Little Unaccompanied Minor Migrants 


…but sadly Americans have little hope of any safeguards against molestation…

Won’t Deport Rapists? Let’s Cut The ‘Biden’s Moderate’ Cr… .

…not with Big Lie Biden in the White House!

Alas for America, Horrid Hilary didn’t adopt the same hushed, horrified tone to ask why these illegals were not sent back…



…nor why bad parents who direct, or aid or abet the brats’ lawless, violation of America’s borders should not be deprived of custody, control and contact.

Instead, she regaled us with sad stories, most of them very possibly carefully rehearsed, having been created or at least embellished…

…and had a soppy ‘interview’ with another female brat who drew pictures of hearts and flowers, and therefore is one of those who ‘may be scarred for life.’ ‘