In France, Another Rabid Pig Put Down!

The only way justice gets done in France is by means of police weaponry.

In Nantes, the pig who wounded three police officers has been shot and, one is glad to hear, killed.

Obviously one’s first thought is that the swine was another alien savage…

…like so many of those involved in sectarian terror in France.

But watching the BBC World News, I hear this latest specimen was born and grew up in France.

Savages Attack French Police? Best Shoot The Scum! 

A photo of the storming of the police station of Champigny-sur-Marne last night. Forty young rioters attempted to enter the police station with fireworks and metal bars.
The police station of Champigny-sur-Marne under attack by savages last year

Another banlieue brute, perhaps?

That makes the deportation option more difficult.

Had he been taken alive, all he’d suffer would be a number of years confinement, free board and lodging at France’s expense.



A lot of good that would do anyone.

‘..a source close to the investigation told Reuters the suspect had been released from jail in March following a conviction for violence. He was reported by prison staff to have been radicalised in jail..’

The sooner there’s a French President in the Elysee Palace who supports capital punishment for every terrorist captured…

..and is prepared to put such a refreshing reform to the French people in a referendum, the better!


Vive Marine!