Good Job, Guardian! NOW For Yentob?

Although I detest The Guardian’s prejudices almost as much as I abhor UK Pravda’s bigoted leftism…



… I have to hand it to the Guardian reporters who put together such a damning indictment…



…of the various devious and dirty ways by which BBC brought back their scumbag Bashir.

However, I am unconvinced that any of those swine who were complicit in the affair will face real consequences…


…not even the obvious penalty available, cancellation of pensions.

The BBC is proving, every day that passes, that it has absolutely NO commitment to cleaning up its act.

Where’s my evidence for saying that?

It’s right there, on your screen, at regular intervals, if you watch BBC World News.

That affected, inimitable, reptilian voice, that unkempt, slobby, smug face, audio-visual echoes of that searing extract from an actual BBC report…..

Alan Yentob has resigned as the BBC’s creative director in the wake of controversy over his role as chairman of the Kids Company charity.

Mr Yentob has faced scrutiny for his role in its financial mismanagement and faced claims he tried to influence BBC coverage of the charity’s demise.

He also faced an investigation into his dual roles by the BBC Trust.

The Trust has since concluded it would not be “appropriate or cost effective to look further at these matters…”.



He will continue to make and present programmes for the corporation, including arts show Imagine...


Alan YentobYentob...


Yes, Yentob!

The BBC has no excuse for wasting public funds on the creep, given his history.

Why are MPs not raising Merry Hell to get the slug booted out?



Has your MP had his or her attention drawn to this blot on the media landscape?