National Trust – Stop Woke-Weasel Subversion!

We have in recent years discussed the way the National Trust has been taken over by elements of the far-left, aka ”woke weasels.’

Stop NT’s Nazi-Style Brain-Wash! 


How Did Anti-Brit Far-Left Capture The National Trust?

Jellyfish Johnson and his ministers won’t lift a finger to help, because Bojo is NOT on our side

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So if you are in The Old Country and smouldering with indignation at the evil forces determined to besmirch the British heritage…



…DON’T just smoulder!

Here’s what to do.

.Use the link below and sign up with The Resistance!

I’m told the NT has 6,000,000 members.

In the context of pandemic restrictions, and even outwith that context, it is quite unrealistic to expect more than a small fraction of that number to show up and vote.

A postal ballot of members is the fair way forward.