‘Mental Health?’ Pity BLM Osaka EVER Spoke To Media!

So after winning so much tennis fame and fortune, that girl Osaka got into ‘depression? ‘


As one does, of course!

Much blubbering about her ‘mental health’  – seems she gets ‘huge waves of anxiety’ due to her contractual bouts of talking to the media.

Just about everybody feels a tad nervous when about to engage in public speaking, so boo-hoo!

But if this previously far too mouthy bint isn’t up to it, yes, probably best that she shut up.


Naomi Osaka

Amid all the blubbering, one can only wish her decision to refrain from blabbering had started last year, when she was…

‘…using her platform to promote Black Lives Matter…’

As Skysports noted, the currently withdrawn bint ‘found her voice off the court..’




At least we shall be spared one opinionated “celebrity’s” racial ranting!