Mis-Headlined In Majorca – Odd Squatter Story!

Squatters deserve dire punishment…


  • Hasil gambar untuk tarring and feathering
  • Tarring and feathering had a lot to be said for it

…but quite a few of you must have read about the difficulties honest folk encounter when their homes are invaded and occupied, in their absence, by undesirables.



What is most outrageous is that, in many jurisdictions, the rightful owners can face arrest and prosecution and even imprisonment…



…if they take action themselves to get the squatter scum out.

In my opinion, if some no-goods gain access to my house without my permission, I should be free to use any means…



…up to and including lethal force, to get the parasitic S. O. B. s out!

Not that I’d necessarily want them killed.

Hire a few handy fellows to help out, have the intruders beaten till they beg for mercy…

…that would suffice.

Because regrettably the law is an ass.

Those who turn meekly to the law often waste weeks or months, or even years..

…to get a court order and then have it enforced.

Anyway, today, I spotted this headline in a news-site based on the Spanish island of Majorca.

Squatter gang sentenced to eleven years


Squatters sentenced in Palma, Mallorca

Anonymous squatter criminal gang – why not expose them to public obloquy?

And I thought, hey, that’s not too bad.

Squatter scum kept behind bars for more than a decade might just seriously ponder the error of their ways.

But alas!

If you read on, it’s just another pathetic ‘wrist-slap’ saga!

The combined sentences for the four total eleven years and three months in prison.

NB ‘Combined!’

An average of less than 3 years apiece!

Why is that information presented in a headline which raises decent people’s hopes, only to dash them?

And BTW, they’re not just squatters – found guilty of extortion too.

And why are the vermin not named?