AfD Winning, So DW Bias Gal’s Back!

Earlier this week, we noted DW’s low-key bias, an insidious suggestion…

DW Bias – German Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel Exposed Again! 

…that if you think rationally about so-called ‘gender,’ aka sex, you are ‘old-fashioned.’

But today, nothing so low-key, as we saw an almost touching DW return to their notion of ‘traditional values,’ sheer, brazen disregard for the ‘fair and balanced’ principle….

….and no wonder!

Tomorrow there’s an election in Germany!

Not national, but at state level, yet even a local exercise in democracy has the tax-funded propaganda channel as neck-deep in partisan broadcasting mode…


… as ever!

In Sachsen Anhalt, a DW hackette Anja Koch, meandered to and fro, a chat with some opinionated ‘average citizen,’ clearly carefully chosen for his antipathy to the AfD patriot party, then another chat…



…with one of Mama Stasi Merkel’s minions, Ulrich Thomas, saying how unacceptable it would be to contemplate any deal with AfD if Mama’s mob fell short of a majority in the state parliament…

So the scrawny DW hackette, whom we’ve met before…

Anja Koch, DW’s Biased Red-Head! 

…had lived up to her reputation, presenting two anti-AfD voices to megaphone, as against one AfD candidate.

More on Sachsen Anhalt tonirrow.