Leicester Uni – Magnet For Uptight Whiners?

It strikes me as bizarre but sadly unsurprising that the BBC offers a report on Leicester University which contains unmitigated gobble-de-gook like this –

The University of Leicester study found some black students were concerned they were marked by their “capacity to mask their blackness” in presentations.

Time they went back to kindergarten if that’s the best excuse they can think up for poor performance.



It’s rank hogwash!

As is the study’s conclusion.

It suggested a “lack of a sufficiently diverse or decolonised curriculum” hampered some students’ progress… 

Grow up, ya idle uptight stoats!

But fear not, no story about uptight whiners can be complete without the intrusion of ‘Islamophobia.’

The study also found South Asian students of Islamic faith often felt that they were subject to ethnic and religious-based anti-education stereotypes and biases, which negatively affected their grades.


That is completely meaningless.

If it were in any way comprehensible, one might try to puncture its pretensions, but it is plainly gibberish designed by inadequates…



…with chunky chips on both shoulders, who should never have been admitted to any institution of higher education.